Special customized marine elevators (Heisplan Marine Special)

Special customixed marine elevators

The HP Marine Mini:

In the effort of finding solutions for installation of elevators on existing ships, Heisplan has developed a MARINE MINI solution. With this lift you can transport 8 people / 630 kg, with no need for a deep pit under the lift! The design are approved by NMD and DNV and are currently being used on older ferries that are in need of upgrades to fulfill the demand of accessibility for all passengers.

The heavy goods lift: 

Intended for heavy use, HEISPLAN lifts for offshore applications ensure efficient transportation of people and goods on-board a vessel or oil rigs / platforms. Innovative solutions help save space and increase efficiency of operations. HEISPLAN provides customized elevators for the most demanding conditions and purposes. We also provide the Rack and Pinion elevators.

Special solutions:

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06/03/2013 12:59:03

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