Rack and Pinion elevators for ships and offshore units. (Heisplan GEDA R&P)

Rack and pinion elevators for ship and offshoreHEISPLAN, in cooperation with GEDA, are proud to offer the rack and pinion elevator for ships and offshore units. This lift type has trough many years proven to be a very good option for the hard environment on the Semi Submersible Oilrigs, and similar installations.

We are with the GEDA equipment - as well as supplying the new elevators-, also able to offer refurbishments of the old and worn derrick and column elevators.
For this purpose we are able to use the old rack/towers from the original elevator, for install the new elevators upon. (if the old rack / tower are in a suitable condition)

Here you will find a PDF brochure for the R&P elevator:

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Rack and pinion elevators for ship and offshore


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