Consultant, Inspection and Engineering services

Consultant, Inspection and Engineering services available from our Engineering department:

As a consultant service, we offer for our clients to use our skills in order to ensure that the new-builds gets elevators that fulfills the demands of operation in Norwegian waters.

This can be all from approval of drawings to inspection and testing of the product before the new-build leaves the shipyard.

The consultant service can be performed in the planning and project period in order to assure that the planned product is correct and according to Norwegian regulations.

This final tests can be one of the FAT, UAT or OAT. and will assure correct installation and that good craftsmanship is performed during installation.

Available Testing services:

FAT   (Factory Acceptance Testing)

Before the ordered products leave the factory, we offer our clients to contract us for performing a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) to secure that the product fulfills the requirements in the contract, requirements of the applicable standards as well as regulations from the class society.

UAT (User Acceptance Testing) / OAT (Operational Acceptance Testing)

Before the ordered and installed products are accepted for use, we offer to perform the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and/or the OAT (Operational Acceptance Testing) on behalf of our clients.

We will then perform an inspection and thorough test to assure that the elevators fulfill all requirements in the contract and the rules according to the required standards and demands from the Class society, as well as the correct standard of craftsmanship of the installation work itself.

This is testing performed on sight when products are completely installed and ready for use.

By using our services for consulting and testing, you will be able to save both valuable time and money regarding work needed to be done after the new-build has arrived Norwegian waters.

In short terms:  

We can make sure that when the new-build arrives Norwegian waters, its elevators complies with Norsok and all aplicable standards regarding operations in Norwegian waters, as well as normal standards for craftmenship performed during the installations of the elevators.



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