Amoung our references, here are some examples from different types of lift installations:             

Fjord1 MRF.

Design, construction and installation.
Special designed personnel elevators on existing ships.
2 stop
Hydraulic direct acting
Low pit, only 120 mm



Cochin Shipyard.

4 Galley lifts
2 stop
Pre-installed lifts in shafts, fitted into the hull.





Scarabeo 8:

Redesigned and rebuilt:

4 Rack and Pinion elevators in columns
3 stops

1 Linen elevator in accommodation area.
1 Personnel elevator in accommodation area.






Design of 11 elevators for supply wessels.

Rack & Pinion elevators.

In the segment of Rack and Pinion elevators, our partner GEDA has made
a lot of installations all over the world, while in the Norwegian sector, Heisplan is the partner for new installations, maintenance and annual re-certifications.

Heisplans supervisors are performing maintenace and annual re-certifications also 
on the rack and pinion elevators from ALIMAC and CHAMPION.


We have been working on many of the Semi Sub rigs in the North sea for annual
Re-certification of all types og elevators.
Both normal roped traction elevators, hydraulick elevators, and rack and pinion elevators.





Hyundai elevators.

We have by many clients been assigned for the upgrade of Hyundai elevators.
These are elevators installed in China and Korea, but in need of rebuilding and upgrades to fulfill DNV and Norwegian standards.
Our design and on sight follow up can prevent these types of jobs. (we offer this type of service for our clients)




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