And, under development we have:

Heisplan Marine MRL (Machine room less elevators for marine solutions)

We are currently developing the MRL Marine elevator.

Heisplan Marine Solutions MRL elevator will be an ideal solution for the offshore industry. No machine room will be needed - all the hoisting equipment is located inside the shaft. Compared with conventional elevators, Heisplan Marine MRL elevators offer:

  • Weight savings of about 10%
  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • Big reduction in noise level
  • Gearless direct acting machine.

The goal is to introduce this product by the end of 2014.


06/03/2013 12:59:03

We are proud to present version 1.0 of Heisplan,s new web page.
Here we will present our products for the Marine and Offshore segment.
You will find here all information regarding our services and our products available for the ship and offshore industry.
However, please ask if you are in need of anything, and don,t find the answers for it here on our web page.
We are flexible and detirmined for finding the solutions to any challenge.

We will be happy to assist you in whatever way possible.