We are not only suppling new elevators from our own factory, we also offer the service and our skills for use of our clients that wants to build their new wessels in Asia or other  parts of the world.

This especially to prevent problems with the comissioning of the wessel while going into operation in Norwegian waters.

During planning and construction of your new wessel, it is therefore very important that you ensure the implementation of the specific rules and regulations that applies in the Norwegian sector.

We will be happy to assist you with all from the planning, ordering and the follow-up trough the construction and installation of elevators, both in Europe and Asia.
This will ensure that the product delivered and installed, are according to the qualety and regulations needed for operating on contracts in the Norwegian sector.

This follow-up / supervision can be both a time and money saving investment.

The unfortunate experience we have with new builds from Asia and some parts of Europe, are that this is a needed task.

By this method of control, we will also be able to ensure the best future maintenance of the product.

Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our follow-up / supervision program.